Student Retention & Success

Beginning with an evaluation of current programs intended to help students succeed, APEX Educational Programs, L.L.C. gives you tools to create a “culture of impact” on your campus. We seek to identify gaps that allow students succeed and assist you in creating high-impact experiences that have been proven by decades of research to improve the success of your most at-risk students.   

What is Values Confluence?

By definition, something is only a value if you use it to influence your actions. Otherwise it is only a belief. Successful organizations are driven by shared values. Have you taken the time to understand what your institution values most?  What your faculty and staff values most? What your students value most? APEX has a proven method for discovering the values of a number of key groups on your campus, where those values conflict and what values have the potential to drive positive change that improves the experience of students.

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Drive positive change that improves student experiences. 


"Your work helped create a major campus success."

-Dr. Bruce Skinner, CASP Assistant Vice President for Student Success & Auxiliary Services Instructor, University Studies Southeast Missouri State University